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About Immo Boutiq

Our Mission

We are your reliable partner for real estate in Costa Blanca, and with only 1 point of contact it is easier to make everything run smoothly and in the language you understand. We are fluent in Spanish, English, French and Dutch (our mother tongue).

Finding a property in the Costa Blanca and the system of estate agencies works a little different in Spain than you are used to. We are your first point of contact here and work together with all affiliated estate agents and have access to virtually the entire property offer on the Costa Blanca.

Based on your wishes, we will make a selection from the available properties. You do not need to make appointments with different estate agents, we will do that for you.

All your paperwork worries will be taken out of your hands, leaving you free to focus on what really concerns you: finding the right property.

Our Vision

We have good knowledge of the current market so we are happy to do all the research for you. We’ve been living in Spain for 10 years, therefore we are never far away, we can therefore act very quickly if necessary.

When you have made a choice from the selection of properties, we will make arrangements to do the viewings with you. There is also always the possibility of scheduling virtual visits, because in some cases when it comes to a good investment the transactions go very quickly.

Once you have decided to purchase a property, we will do the negotiations for you and make sure you get in touch with the best lawyer for legal and tax guidance during the purchase process. It is highly advisable to always work with a lawyer, as the Spanish system works in a completely different way than we know it, the lawyer ensures that everything is checked and that there are no hidden defects or unexpected setbacks afterwards.

We are always ready to guide you, so you can always come to us with your questions. We do not walk away once the purchase is completed and will handle and answer any questions as best as we can.

API certified agent

Certified estate agent in Spain

Immo Boutiq is a certified estate agent in Costa Blanca and meets all legal requirements to practise the profession of estate agent in Spain.

Compulsory registration and certification are a must for practising the profession of estate agent in Spain. Each region has its own legislation and rules, which is why it is important to have the certification to start working in a particular region.

We took the training for “Inmobiliario de la Propiedad Comunitat Valenciana”. With this training, we are officially an API certified real estate agent. The Valenciana region runs from Murcia all the way to Vinaros, a village still quite a bit over the city of Valencia. So the entire Costa Blanca falls into the Valencian region.

We are also a certified insurance agent, for your convenience and to refer back to just 1 point of contact, you can take out your car, motorcycle, fire, and health insurance with us.

What is a certified estate agent in Spain?

The registration and certification for estate agents in Spain means that not just anyone can call themselves estate agents anymore. Because there was no regulation before, a jumble of self-appointed estate agents emerged. With the new legislation and thanks to professional associations, there will be an overview of which estate agents are professional and competent.

Exactly what a real estate agent must meet varies from one organisation to another, but broadly speaking it comes down to the same thing.
In any case, a registered, certified estate agent in Spain has:
– proven experience and skills through training and certificates
– a civil liability insurance policy
– an insurance/bank guarantee that covers down payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to buying property in the Costa Blanca.

The Número de Identidad de Extranjero or NIE is a Spanish tax number for non-residents of Spain. You need to obtain this number to be involved in any official processes in Spain, such as buying a house, buying a car, getting your house connected to utilities and paying taxes. 

If you are buying a property in Spain it is essential that you have your NIE in place in order to complete the purchase. The number will be issued on a certificate.

It is not strictly necessary, but we definitely recommend that you work with a local estate agent. This can help you choose the ideal property, as a good estate agency will recommend the best homes/builders and give you independent advice. This way, you can save a lot of time and money.

A good agency knows the local market and makes a selection based on your personal requirements and financial possibilities. We can also advise you which region suits you best, based on your wishes (type of location, distance to certain amenities, close to beaches, close to schools, etc.).

With the help of a good estate agent who knows the region, you can be assured that you are buying your home in the right location. We also exclude builders who are not creditworthy or do not build to quality standards.

Immo Boutiq does not charge you for our advice and our services, like any estate agent, we are always paid by the property developer or by the property owner. The price is the same if you buy through us or directly from the developer/owner.

When you work with us, you have no language barrier. We are also there for you after you have decided to buy a property. When buying a new-build property, you will be kept informed of the progress. For both new construction and existing properties, we check the condition of the property with the best lawyer before signing the deed at the notary.

  • Annual property tax: IBI (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles), this municipal tax is a percentage of the cadastral value that varies by municipality.
  • Wealth and income tax: owners of a house in Spain must declare income tax annually: Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas. Our tax advisor can arrange this for you.
  • Community of co-owners: If your property is part of a community or building with common areas, the owner is required by law to become a member of the community of co-owners. The community’s annual maintenance budget is approved at a general meeting of the community of owners. Each owner pays a certain amount. The amount depends on the number of owners and the facilities in the community, such as the swimming pool, lifts or SPA.
  • Utilities: electricity, water, possibly gas
  • Municipal charges such as rubbish collection (basura)
  • Building and contents insurance
  • Telephone, television & internet usage

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