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The ultimate guide to what to do in Villajoyosa in 2024

Posted by Stephanie on 04/12/2023

The colorful fishing village of Villajoyosa, also called La Vila Joiosa in Valencian (which means ‘the happy town’). The village lives up to its name, when you stroll along the coast in the old centre you become instantly happy, the cheerful colored houses and the beautiful white sandy beach give you that cheerful vacation feeling. Villajoyosa is a nice place in Costa Blanca North, about 35 kilometres from Alicante. Read on and find out what there is to do in Villajoyosa.

In recent years, the village has become an absolute attraction and coveted place among tourists and winter visitors. Villajoyosa therefore has a lot to offer, from the typical Spanish narrow streets to the picturesque mountain scenery. Ideal for a nice day trip or a family holiday, Villajoyosa is a child-friendly destination. If you go on a Thursday, you can combine a day at the beach with a visit to the weekly market. But there is much more to do in Villajoyosa. In this post, we would like to tell you more about what to do in Villajoyosa.

What to do in Villajoyosa?



There are several theories about the origin of the colorful houses. For instance, it is said that fishermen used to paint their houses in a bright colour so they could see from the sea exactly where to go. Another theory says they used paint to paint the boats, and the paint left over was used for the houses. Or if sheets or other objects were hung on the houses, it meant that something had happened. 

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One thing to do in Villajoyosa is visit the “Playa de Villajoyosa”, or Playa Centro, the main beach. A sandy beach 1.3 km long, which is almost 100 metres wide in some places! Along the beach, there is a beautiful promenade. Ideal for when you want to eat or drink something in between. Today, Villajoyosa is not yet densely populated, so you have all the space and tranquillity you need on the beach. This quiet sandy beach is therefore ideal to go to with children.


However, if such a large beach is not your thing, you can head south of the city to smaller beaches and secluded coves. Here, you may not always have restaurants or cafes available like at the promenade at Playa Centro, but there is a lot more privacy in return. The secluded coves are a perfect place for snorkelers. So don’t forget to bring your goggles.

Tired of the beach for a while? Something else to do in Villajoyosa is visit the beautiful reservoir called “Embalse del Amadorio”. The reservoir with beautiful views is located in the riverbed of the Amadorio and is inland between Villajoyosa and the village of Orxeta. You can do a nice walk around there; the difficulty level is marked as easy. 


Villajoyosa has a small fishing port and a marina. Stroll along the dock and watch the boats. There are also several restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Enjoy fresh fish or paella at one of the local restaurants.


Villajoyosa is very well known for its delicious chocolate industry! Do you also love chocolate so much? Then you are totally in your place here! The most famous chocolate factory is Valor. But we also think Chocolates Pérez is definitely worth a visit. 

Travel back in time in Chocolates Pérez’s Chocolate Museum! In their chocolate factory, they share a historical gem that takes us back to the 1930s. Where in those days they travelled around with typical vans to transport the delicious pralines. Imagine the enthusiasm of children and adults alike when they saw them arrive! Chocolate has always been a pleasure that unites generations.

Stop by and discover the story behind this rolling gem. The manager, Gaspar, will show you around with entertaining stories about the history, chocolate production, cocoa and much more! Unlike at Valor where you can only see the factory from behind glass, here you walk among the machines. It is a small factory with only a few employees but you are in the midst of production here. And of course, you also get the chance to taste and buy chocolate.

instagram – @chocolatespereztienda

At the well-known Valencian brand Valor, you can enjoy all kinds of treats in the tearoom, you can also order the popular “churros con chocolate” here!


Are you in Villajoyosa on a Thursday? Then start the day with a visit to the market. Every Thursday morning there is the weekly market in the centre of Villajoyosa.

Here you can buy local products such as cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil and artisan products. It is also a great place to buy souvenirs and soak up the local atmosphere. Don’t miss this lively market during your visit to Villajoyosa.



Would you like to visit the beach and the colorful houses of Villajoyosa? Then park your car in the underground car park “Parking Doctor Esquerdo“. Then you’ll be right on the promenade of Playa Centro.

📍Parking location


Villajoyosa in the Costa Blanca has a Mediterranean climate, with little rainfall and lots of sunshine. It is one of the places in Spain where the weather is the most constant throughout the year. The annual rainfall figures there are particularly low and the sun shows itself all year round.


Do you dream of owning a house by the beach? Want to invest in real estate or a second home in a beautiful location? Then look no further than Villajoyosa!

Located on the Costa Blanca, Villajoyosa is a picturesque town with a rich history and beautiful beaches. It is the perfect place to invest in property or buy a second home for yourself. With its warm climate and Mediterranean lifestyle, you won’t be disappointed.

Investing in property there is a smart choice. The town is growing in popularity as more and more people discover its charms. You can buy a property near the beach or in the town centre, both of which offer easy access to all the town’s amenities.

Villajoyosa is an excellent choice. You can escape to the beach whenever you want and enjoy the relaxed pace of life in this charming town. You can also rent out your property when you are not using it, making it an excellent investment.

There are many properties available that are perfect as second homes or investments. From flats to villas, you will definitely find something to suit your needs and budget. And with Immo Boutiq’s help, the process of buying a property is easy and stress-free.

So why wait? Start planning your property investment or second home in Villajoyosa today. With its beautiful beaches, warm climate and charming village, it is the perfect place to escape and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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